Pool Hours:

9:30 AM - Dusk

Quiet Time:

10:00 PM - 8:00 AM


Please use dumpsters for rubbish. Located near the bathhouse.


Please ride bicycles only on the campground roads. Helmets are required for bicycling - NO skateboarding


Leaving pets unattended at your site, failure to clean up after them and not keeping them leashed and quiet can disturb other campers and will not be tolerated.


Campfires must be kept small. No out-of-state firewood is allowed. We do not allow our patrons the option of cutting and collecting firewood from the surrounding forest.  Violators may be removed from the campground property. Any damage to the trees, shrubs, or any campground property will be grounds for immediate removal.


Please pick up after yourself in our bathhouse. If there are any problems, please contact the office immediately.  Showers are metered ($.25/4 minutes). NOTE: Canadian Quarters do not work in the meters.


Please pick up after yourself; clean dryer lint filter after each load.  If there are any problems, please contact the office immediately. Washers and Dryers are coin-operated (Washer: $2, Dryer: $2). NOTE: Canadian Quarters do not work.