Dear Friends,
Opening day will be here before we know it so, with that in mind, we will start taking reservations via email only at 12:01 AM, March 1st 2015.

The 2014 season was for me personally, the most difficult time I’ve ever had in my life. For those who are not aware, I lost my lovely wife to cancer in March after a long illness. We have both always taken great pride in this business that Dawns parents opened in 1976. So many absolutely fantastic people have stayed here with us time and time again and so many of you took the time to talk with me and express your condolences with respect to my wife. Your thoughtful comments and kindness overwhelms me and I can’t begin to thank you enough. I am not ready to retire just yet! We’ll keep on improving every year and will do our very best to make your stay with us an enjoyable one. To those here in the states and to our friends north of the border, “Thank you so much for being here with us”.
Sincerely, Greg

Pinederosa Camping Area
128 North Village Road
Wells, ME 04090

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